Kosher products are prepared under conditions which satisfy the requirements of Jewish dietary laws.

Vitamin production involves the use of numerous materials that are kosher vitamin sensitive. Glycerin, stearates, gelatin and spray dried products are some sensitive items used in supplements and vitamins. In addition many products utilize non-kosher enzymes or flavors, which can render the final product as non-kosher as well. As such, the kosher vitamins consumer should look for vitamins with a reliable kosher certification.

Shalom Compounding Pharmacy stocks a variety of Vitamin and Herbal supplements made by leading manufacturers that hold reliable Kosher certifications.

A basic list of common kosher supplements that we carry at Shalom Compounding Pharmacy includes:

Omega 3 supplements (Kosher fish oil)


Skin, Nail, and Hair Supplements

Calcium plus Vitamin D

Vitamin B-12 and B-complex

Vitamin C

Vitamin D

Vitamin E

Children's dosage forms including: Gummy bears, drops, and chewable tablets.

Prenatal Vitamins

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